Tuxler is a simple software that automatically puts into your browser so that you can easily convert your IP address to other countries. Tuxler is intended for those who want to protect their privacy, although they can use access to blocked sites in the first phase,running a timely setting. After the installation, however, a shortcut will be added to your desktop and displayed on your port. After you start, it displays your current IP address and collects listpartners in other countries that can be changed inany time by clicking on the big change “change IP” corner on the right (function () {(“revision app page desktop”);}); So far it is good, except that many Tuxler lawyers do not work or find themselves only when they are upgraded. and even if you can connect, you’re on the transfer ofdata for 10MBmdogo, which means you can watch something like iPlayer BBC outside the UK or Hulu outside the US and almost impossible, only if the Free Tuxler version to protect your identity is sufficient. We tested partners in the Netherlands with Saudi Arabia, and the initial oneGoogle’s page has changed exactly as we’re ordered to work again. Keep in mind that deleting all members can slow down if you work with the browser, although the lack of working partners and 10 MB in the free version can be a tricky factor.

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